Academy 1/72 Scale Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich M-23S Flogger – 12445


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Mikojan-Guriewicz MIG-23 is a Soviet, single-engine fighter-attack aircraft with variable wing geometry, with a classic tail. The flight of the prototype took place on June 10, 1967, and shortly thereafter, it lasted until 1985. The MIG-23 was clearly influenced by the design of the French Mirage G, although the MIG-21PD machines were initially tested, with the MIG-21 wing, R-27-300 engine and RD-36-35 auxiliary starters placed vertically in the fuselage. Various versions and variants were developed: MIG-23S (MIG 21SM avionics, R-27F2M-300 engine), MIG-23M (improved aerodynamics and structure, new avionics, R-29-300 engine), MIG-23UB (2 – local training and combat vehicles) and MIG-23MLA. In 1970, an attack aircraft with an increased payload of the MIG-23B armament was tested, which is a development of the S version. The BM and BK variants are derived from it. The designation of the latter was eventually changed to MIG-27K. In total, about 3,000 of these aircraft were produced. Airplanes of this type took part in numerous conflicts, among others in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), in Afghanistan (1979-1989) and during the Gulf War (1990-1991). Technical data: length: 17.18m, wingspan (maximum): 13.97m, height: 4.82m, maximum speed: 2.35Ma, climb speed: 35.7m / s, maximum range (with additional tanks): 2500km , maximum ceiling 17500m, armament: fixed-single, double-barreled GSz-23? cannon, caliber 23mm, suspended – up to 4500 kg of cargo.

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