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SmartSwitch is an innovative product for model railroad.
We use RC servo to control your turnout and layout accessories.
It’s flexible installation and position adjustment.
We believe it will give you more fun on your layout control.
If you have your own RC servo on hand, you can choose this item to control your layout. When you complete the installation, you will find SmartSwitch is really an amazing product.

1.Remote programming technique : Separate hand control board design. It helps you to adjust the servo position easier. When you complete the servo adjustment, plug out hand control board, You can use it to adjust another main control board. Several main control board only need one hand control board. This special design will help you to save more money.
2. Support 9 different speed to change turnout point track. (factory default: middle 5)
3. Adjustable servo horn angles.
4. Dual LED displays in the hand throttle.
5. Improved servo silent technique for analog servos.
6. The virtual center line for easy trouble free mounting.
7. Support up to 4 servos in one control board. It also supports different size servo from 1.7g to 55g.
8. Accept push button and toggle switch control.
9. Remember the turnout positions when power is off.
10. 8 LED outputs for 4 turnouts point track position indicate
11. Low current draw. 9V is the minimum requirement for the input power supply.
12. Power Input: 9~15VDC, 9~20VDCC/AC
13. Max current 2A
14. Two switches terminal support DCC (CTC) and local panel control. (DCC decoder optional)

SmartSwitch control board –110mm x 60mm x 18mm (4.33” x 2.36” x 0.7”)
Hand programming board—42mm x 70mm x 19mm (1.65” x 2.75” x 0.748” )
Extension wire 39.37” / 100cm

1. (1) SmartSwitchTM main control board
2. (1) SmartSwitchTM hand control board


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