Chair/Chair De-Skirted Passenger Car Set – Southern Pacific

Car Nos. 2485, 2486


  • Durable ABS Intricately Detailed Bodies
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Constant Voltage Overhead LED Interior Lighting
  • Detailed 4-Wheel Trucks
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • End-of-Car Diaphragms
  • Separate Metal Handrails
  • Detailed Car Interiors
  • Detailed Car Undercarriage
  • Unit Measures:11 1/2″ x 1 7/16″ x 1 7/8″
  • Operates On 22″ Radius Curves



  • Southern Pacific

Product Item Number: 



  • DV 2013 HO Volume 1

Product Line: 

  • MTH HO


  • HO Scale
This product is compatible with all HO 2-Rail track including those systems offered by Atlas and Bachmann..

In 1941 the Daylights were re-equipped with new Pullman-Standard train sets that included articulated cars with full-width diaphragms and no bulkheads between the cars – presenting passengers with spacious interiors up to 130 feet long, in the case of the triple unit coffee shop-kitchen-diner. Wide windows allowed chair car passengers to take in the glorious Pacific Coast scenery, and a rooftop radio antenna brought in news reports and music. Few passengers would argue with the Southern Pacific’s claim that this was “the world’s most beautiful train.” New for 2008, M.T.H. offers authentic Daylight train sets in the original Southern Pacific Lines livery or the later Southern Pacific livery that lasted well into the diesel era.