Academy 1/32 Scale USMC F/A-18D Hornet Fighter Jet – 12118


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The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on 17 parts trees plus one tree of clear parts, separately packaged windscreen and canopy, one set of metal landing gear cores, and one set of rubber (vinyl) tires. All of the panel lines and appropriate details are beautifully scribed into the model.

Among the features and options in this kit:

Two nice NACES ejection seats with crew restraint details molded in place
Nicely detailed front and rear cockpits
Positionable canopy
Positionable boarding ladder
Clear MFD faces with optional decal choices for displays
Detailed landing gear w/metal cores for strength
Choice of styrene or rubber tires
Outer wings can be posed extended or folded
Positionable leading edge flaps
Positionable trailing edge flaps
Positionable ailerons
Positionable stabilators
Positonable rudders
Positionable speed brake
Choice of open or closed afterburner nozzles
Optional IFF antennas for the nose
Positionable radome
Detailed radar set under radome
Optional pilot and crew figures
The figures alone would make a nice kit of their own. There are five figures provided: two seated pilots, a pilot climbing the cockpit access ladder, a standing deck hand, and a launch director squatted into the launch signal pose. Now if that is not enough, there are an interesting array of heads that accompany these figures. The pilots have heads in the following conditions:

No helmet or sunglasses
Sunglasses, no helmet
Helmet visor up, no O2 mask, and sunglasses on
Helmet visor down, O2 mask on
Helmet w/NVG goggles and O2 mask on
This kit offers a wealth of external stores options. These include:

1 x AAS-38 Laser Designator pod
1 x ASQ-173 Laser Detector/Tracker pod
2 x AIM-7F/M Sparrows (the nicest I’ve seen in this scale)
6 x AIM-9L/M Sidewinders (w/launch rails)
4 x AIM-120 AMRAAM
2 x Twin AIM-9/AIM-120 missile rail adaptors
2 x AGM-84D/E Harpoon/SLAM
4 x AGM-65E Maverick missiles (w/launch rails)
4 x AGM-88 HARM w/LAU-118 launch rail adaptor
8 x Mk.82 500lb bombs with your chose of normal low-drag fins or Snakeye high drag fins
2 x GBU-10 Paveway II Laser-Guided Bombs
2 x GBU-24 Paveway III Laser-Guided Bombs
2 x GBU-32 1000lb JDAM smart bombs
4 x Vertical Ejector Racks (VERs)
4 x External Fuel Tanks
Note that none of the bombs have the standard USN/USMC fire-retarding coating on them. The JDAMS also have Air Force fuses on them, but a sanding stick and a good photo will correct this.

The decals for this model are as stunning and complete as the rest of the kit. Two sheets are provided, one of which is almost as big as the box itself. On sheet one, markings are provided for three examples:

F/A-18D, BuNo 165686, VMFA(AW)-242 ‘Bats’, DT/01, MCAS Iwakuni, 2010-2012
F/A-18D, BuNo 164955, VMFA(AW)-242 ‘Bats’, DT/00, MCAS Iwakuni, 2012
F/A-18D, BuNo 165411, VMFA(AW)-225 ‘Vikings’, CE/01, MCAS Miramar, 2012



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