Academy 1/72 Scale British MK.1B Hawker Typhoon Fighter Attack Aircraft – 12462


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The Hawker Typhoon is a British, single-seat, single-engine, metal, semi-shell fighter attack in the low wing structure of the Second World War. Designed in accordance with the requirements set by the British Ministry of Defense in the specification F.18 / 37 of 1937, by the famous designer Sydney Camm. The flight of the prototype took place on February 24, 1940, and the machine entered mass production in 1941. The planes were powered by three variants of the Napier Saber Mk.II engine, ranging from 2180KM to 2260KM. There were five versions of this aircraft. The first two are the fighter F.Mk.IA and F.Mk.Ib, which differ mainly in their on-board weapons. AI Mk.IV and Hawker Typhoon FR Mk IB radar fighter – reconnaissance version. Having dealt with initial design problems, especially engine flaws, the Hawker Typhoon also had great success against V1 shells and German tanks during the fighting in Normandy. In total, over 3,300 copies were built. Technical data (Typhoon F.Mk.IB version): length: 9.73 m, wingspan: 12.67 m, height: 4.66 m, maximum speed: 663 km / h, climb speed: 13.59 m / s, maximum range: 821 km, maximum ceiling 10700 m, armament: fixed – 4 Hispano Mk. II 20mm cannons, suspended – up to 908 kg of bombs, 8 RP-3 missiles.

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