Academy 1/72 Scale Soviet MiG-27 Flogger-D Ground Attack Aircraft – 12455


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Mikojan-Guriewicz MIG-27 (NATO: Flogger) is nothing more than a developed version of the MIG-23 aircraft, having the nature of an assault machine. Successively developed variants of that aircraft gradually differed more and more from the original design, and finally the designation of the MIG-23BK model was replaced with a new one – MIG-27K. In addition to the K specification, three other MIG variants were produced 27: the M version, which is in fact a simplified K version, the D version – i.e. older machines rebuilt to the M standard, and the L version – produced under license in India, called there Bahadur, i.e. the Brave. A total of just over 1000 MIGs 27 were produced. The power unit was the Khachaturov R-29B-300 engine. Technical data: length: 17.2 m, wingspan (maximum): 13.97 m, height: 4.82 m, maximum speed: 1.6 Ma, climb speed: 200 m / s, maximum range: 2500 km, practical ceiling: 15 500 m, armament: fixed – one GSz-6-30 six-barrel 30mm cannon, suspended – up to 4000 kg of cargo.

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