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The Rockwell International OV-10 Bronco was the winner of the Light Armed Reconnaissance (LARA) competition for the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The first planes were delivered in 1969 and the OV-10 had already taken part in the Vietnam War. The plane was very versatile. It could operate from short runways as the length of the run-up run was approximately 225 meters. Moreover, if necessary, it was possible to install skids and even floats! The range of weapons that could be carried was also wide, although most often, however, equipment for air reconnaissance was installed. The D version was distinguished mainly by a modernized avionics, a laser target marking system and a 20mm cannon mounted in the nose. These aircraft were still in service during the 1991 Gulf War, although mainly in night missions and as the last version in service with the US Air Force, they were finally withdrawn in 1995, although it should be mentioned that they are still in service, among others Thailand, Venezuela or Indonesia. Although the OV-10 Bronco had an unusual shape and unusual for a modern combat aircraft, and generally rather average performance, the simple design and low price made it an attractive aircraft for many users. Technical data (OV-10A version): length: 12.67 m, wingspan: 12.19 m, height: 4.62 m, maximum speed: 452 km / h, maximum range: 920 km, practical ceiling: 7315 m, armament: fixed – 4 7.62m M60C machine guns, suspended – up to 1600 kg load.

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