AFX Racing Super International Mg+ Race Set HO – 21018


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Four lanes, Formula Cars and AFX120 controllers. Two Tri-Power Packs. 86 pieces of the best track you can buy?All at nearly half the price if purchased individually. Race with the whole family!
Quality, performance, innovation and value, that?s why AFX is the leader in HO.


25 feet of Track
18 Track Layouts
(4) Mega G+ Formula Cars
(2) 22 volt Adjustable Tri-Power Packs
(4) AFX120 Controllers
(2) Spare Parts Kit

AFX Exclusive Mega G+ Race System
We wanted wheel to wheel racing, lap after lap, the feel of driving a real car. But we knew just changing the chassis wouldn?t do it. So we created a whole new system. The Mega G+ Race System is the perfect balance of grip and speed, made up of our Mega G+ Chassis, AFX120 Controllers and Exclusive Tri-Power Pack. With decades of slot car innovation and over a year of experimentation, this is the best out of the box slot car system you can buy.

AFX Exclusive Tri-Power Pack
Adjustable power levels allow all drivers, regardless of skill, to get the most out of their race! Changing levels is as simple as flipping a switch. At full throttle through every turn you can expect the following:

Beginner (8v): Stay on track about 95% of the time
Intermediate (12v): Stay on track about 60% of the time
Expert (22v): You?re on your own!

Mega G+ Chassis
The Mega G+ chassis doesn?t just go faster or handle better than the competition. It doesn?t just have the ultra-low, narrow dimensions that continue the reign of the most realistic HO cars on earth. It?s smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive than any car we?ve ever built.

FN20 Advanced Power Unit: quieter, more consistent and uses 33% less energy
Weight: Up to 35% lighter than any other HO chassis
Shape: Narrowest, lowest chassis ever made
Pick-Up Shoes: Stronger, follows rail better for consistent power
Center of gravity: Lowest of all competitors to corner with confidence
Guide Pin: AFX Exclusive Extra-long tapered guide pin keeps the car on track longer
Ground Effects Magnets (Level 30 Neodymium): Stays glued to the track
Nylatron Chassis: Super durable with just enough flex
Brushes: High carbon power unit brushes last longer than composite brushes
Redundant Power Transfer System: Maintains consistent power supply to motor to improve durability and drivability

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