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“Out with the old and in with the new!”  This statement is perfect when describing signal bridges on class one railroads.  At this point, older signal bridges are literally going out of style as they are torn down for modern, tube style bridges.

Unlike early bridges, today’s giant, aluminum and steel structures are constructed of common parts, and thus, their appearance is nearly identical at any corner of the country.  Combining ease of assembly, utilization of common parts, and extremely easy accessibility for signal maintainers, all four of the current major railroads (BNSF, UP, NS, & CSX) as well as many smaller railroads have adopted this triple track, modern signal bridge as the standard for their mainlines.

Model Description:
This model is the only modern signal bridge produced in HO Scale, period.  Featuring six operating signal heads (a total of 18 separate, micro LED’s!), super-fine detail, etched-metal components and 100% scale fidelity, this model is an asset to any modern HO Scale railroad!

Leg Centers: 62′ Prototype (HO: 8.55″)
Leg Clearance: Roughly 8″

Model Features:
100% Assembled
Six Operating Signal Heads
Extremely Fine Detail
Durable Plastic Construction
Etched-Metal Handrails & Walkways
Extremely Accurate



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