Bowser SD40-2 Canadian Pacific #5964 DC Locomotive – 24486


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Canadian Pacific (Golden Beaver)
102″ Nose, Roof Mounted Compressor After Cooler Pipes, 8″ Sill, Standard Blower Housing, Corrugated Radiator Grill Covers, Ditch Lights, No Class Lights

Features on All models:
GMD Steps, Air Hoses, MU Hoses, Cab interior, Metal grab irons, Brass bell and bracket, Brass horn, Drop Steps, Window Glass, Wind Shield wipers, ESU LokSound Select, DC versions have 21 pin DCC socket, Flywheels, Can motor, 40” wheels, RP25 flange, knuckle couplers, each classification light is individually controlled.

Recommended DCC non sound Decoder – ESU #54615

DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select decoder. Locos with sound have the class lights over the number boards individually controlled and in color. Press F-5 to cycle through the colors (Red, White and Green). Analog (DC) version features 21 pin plug for DCC. Analog version can be easily updated to sound at a later date.
Retro Fit sound kit #691-1238.

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in