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City Classics has done a special limited run of the Company Houses in color! They are molded in a dark turquoise to resemble a modernized version when company houses were sold to individuals and painted a variety of colors. Our kit also includes a finely molded porch railing from Tichy Train Group.

Easy-to-assemble house kit based on a common house style found across North America. These homes were often built in “company towns” or communities where industries employed large numbers of workers. These houses are still a common sight today in many towns and rural areas.

This kit is an accurate reproduction of the prototype. Each house features a realistic molded stone foundation, finely detailed porch, optional lean-to addition, separate outhouse and easy-to-follow instructions (fence and mailbox not included).

These houses look great on layouts set in almost any era. To accurately portray a neighborhood of worker’s homes, put in a row of closely spaced houses. These houses are sized just right to get a lot in a small space!

2 1/4″ W x 5″ L x 3 3/4″ H (approx.)

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