NCE DCC Twin “Train Set” Controller w/ US Power Supply – NCE0046


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3 Amp DCC starter set, includes 3 Amp (42 Watt) US power supply. Control two trains using locomotive addresses 3 and 4 simultaneously right out of the box. Expansion port allows you to add up to 6 walk around tethered or wireless throttles. All throttles made by NCE are compatible. Up to three additional cab bus accessories such as USB, AIU or mini-panels are also supported.

The replacement Power Supply for this kit is a P314 (5240239) Use of ANY other Power Supply is not recommended and will void your factory warranty.

Don’t forget to use a REAL surge protector not a power strip.
We highly recommend a DCC track output Circuit Breaker like the EB1 v1.1.

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Weight 55 oz
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in