Panda 1:35 Scale Chinese ZTZ99A MBT w/ Laser Simulation Countermine System – 35029


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Plastic model kit of the ZTZ-99A, a Chinese third generation main battle tank (MBT), was a replacement for the aging Type 88 introduced in the late 1980s. The Type 99 MBT was China’s first mass-produced third generation main battle tank.

Kit has single piece lower hull, upper hull with exterior detail, separate turret, hinged hatches, Countermine System, 2-piece smoothbore gun barrel and gun assemblies, type 85 heavy machine gun with (ammo box and gun assemblies), smoke grenade launchers, cylindrical fuel drums, side skirts with bolt and latch detail, fenders with on-vehicle storage boxes, suspension (road wheels, drive sprockets, idler wheels and individual link track), transparent (lights, vision ports and optical equipment), photoetch (grilles, lights, brackets, latches and other accents).

Also includes (3) fully assembled resin figures (2) full and (1) half.

Decals and color painting reference for a single tank – includes camouflage sheet.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in