Panda 1:35 Scale Russian Object K-16 VPK-7829 “Bumerang” Infantry Fighting Vehicle – 35025


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Bumerang (Russian: ????????, Boomerang) is an amphibious wheeled armored personnel carrier being developed for the Russian Army.

The new Boomerang armored personnel carrier (VPK-7829) is set to replace the BTR-82/A, a heavily modernized variant of the 1980s-designed BTR-80, which features improved armor, a new engine, night vision and advanced communications systems. Designers and military spokesmen have been tight-lipped regarding the machine, although it is claimed that the new design will be “nothing like any of the modern APCs.” The 8×8, front-engine design features ceramic armor technology, including anti-tank grenade and anti-mine protection, has a crew of three, and can be fitted with a 30 mm anti-materiel or armor-piercing cannon, a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.

In addition to its role as a troop carrier, the multi-role vehicle will be capable of serving as an anti-tank missile carrier, an air defense missile launcher, an armored ambulance, a command post vehicle, a fire-support vehicle and a mortar carrier. The protection levels of the Boomerang APC will be much higher than its predecessors. This is ensured by the special shape of the vehicle’s bottom and the internal layout, in particular, the suspension of crew seating toward the vehicle’s ceiling.

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