Panda 1:35 Scale Soviet BMD-2 Airborne Fighting Vehicle – 35009


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The BMD-1 was designed as combat vehicle that could be dropped with paratroopers to assault the armored forces of NATO. When it was deployed to Afghanistan, the anti-armor capabilities of the BMD-1 were ineffective on that battlefield. Soviet planners replaced the 73mm smooth bore gun with a 30mm rapid-fire cannon which could be elevated to high angles to engage targets in the slopes above the vehicle (something the BMD-1 could not do).

Panda Hobby has followed up last year’s BMD-1 kit with a new BMD-2 in 1/35 scale and looks nice out of the box. Molded in green styrene, this kit is presented on seven parts trees plus the upper and lower hull, four trees of rust-colored styrene, and one fret of photo-etched details. Among the features and options in this kit:

Positionable hatches at all crew positions (no interior details)
Ducts from ventral intakes to water jet exits on stern
Individual track links for more natural track sag
Photo-etched engine deck screens
Movable turret
Pintle-mounted ATGM launcher

This is a nice kit of the BMD-2 and should be a relatively quick build. Remember when you’re weathering this vehicle that the hull and turret were aluminum, so rust isn’t appropriate except on the tracks. One note on the instructions, the drawings are nicely done but the line strokes in the drawings are so fine that they are going to be hard to read without some really good lighting.

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