USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 1/720 Scale – Italeri 5533


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The USS Ronald Reagan is the ninth and last Nimitz class aircraft carrier to be built and marks the start of a whole new era for this type of warship.

Approx 17.5″ in length

The kit comes molded in the expected medium gray plastic, which is somewhat on the soft side.  The flight deck is a mixture of recessed and raised detail for the catapult tracks, arresting gear and tie-down points.  The deck markings are also outlined by fine, raised lines to help position the decals.  There are 292 parts on 5 trees, but 107 of those are for earlier ships and not used on this model.  There are 40 pieces to make up the air wing, not including some A-6 Intruders and an SH-3 helicopter that are not used.

Several new parts are added to cover items unique to the Reagan, such as a new bow below the waterline and new sponsons for the defensive armament.  A completely new island is also included as are additional FA-18 and SH-60 aircraft and a new model flight-deck crane.

Options in the kit consist of waterline or full-hull, building the forward catapult jet blast deflectors (JBDs) in the raised or lowered positions, and putting the forward and aft starboard elevators in the lowered or raised positions.   The JBDs fit very well closed, but the elevators didn’t fit too well raised and left a gap to fill around most of the perimeter.

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