Zvezda 1:72 Scale Carthagenian Infantry III-I B.C. – 8010


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Model covers a period of third to first centuries BCE, which is fascinating because Carthage simply did not exist for half of this period. Carthage was founded in the ninth century BCE, and built up a considerable empire in the following centuries. In 265 BCE it clashed with the growing city-state of Rome in what became the first Punic War, and over the following decades repeated battles and wars tested these two powers against each other until finally Rome conquered Carthage itself in 146 BCE, killing or selling into slavery all the inhabitants and levelling the city to the ground.

Carthage made great use of troops from her domains as well as allies and mercenaries when she had battles to fight, so Carthaginian armies tended to be very diverse multinational affairs in which each contingent wore its own costume, used its own weapons and fought in its own traditional way.

Model includes 42 figurines and horses.

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