Do you have some hobby items you’d like to sell?  Maybe some trains you no longer want or some duplicates you might have of something?  Maybe you bought something and it’s still in the box never used?

Well fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and we will list your item for sale in a special category just for H2H sales (Hobbyist to Hobbyist).  Our commission (5%) is much lower than Ebay or Amazon and we can send your payment either by Paypal or by check.  As with Ebay and Amazon, we will hold the payment from the buyer until they receive their item in the mail.  Once they receive it, the payment will be sent to you.  We will automatically add our commission onto your asking price so you will get exactly how much you want for your item.  We will email you so you can send us some pictures and we will post your item for sale within a day or two.

All sales will be considered final with no returns unless what the buyer received is not what was advertised for sale.  However, we do expect you to be honest and upfront about your product.  We aren’t going to get into the seller/buyer dispute business to resolve issues so warnings will also be given to all potential buyers to ask any questions up front since no returns will be warranted unless there is something fraudulent.

If this becomes more popular, we will make this available so you can list your own items and automate the process.  Until then, we will just list your items for you.  If it becomes more of a hassle than a benefit, we will just discontinue offering this service.  So we hope all sellers and buyers will be honest and trustworthy.