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We can thank the RAF for the existence of the P-51 Mustang. While United States was maintaining its neutrality as the German and Japanese empires were assimilating Europe and Asia, respectively, the British were bracing for the worst. Their island home and their colonies around the world were on the verge of being assimilated as well.

While British aircraft industries were ramping up production of new and old designs to reinforce the RAF, delegates from the British government embarked on an extended shopping trip to the United States for potential American aircraft to fill the under-staffed RAF ranks. After visits to Lockheed for the Hudson and Curtiss for the P-40, the delegates paid a visit to North American Aviation to have them to build the P-40 under license to augment Curtiss’ production lines.

North American convinced the British delegates that they could produce a better fighter using the same engine and weapons as the Curtiss P-40, and that a prototype would be in the air within nine months. The rest is aviation history as the resulting P-51 Mustang family would not only serve as a supplemental fighter with the RAF, it would become the mainstay air superiority machine for the USAAF in skies over Europe and Asia.

Accurate Miniatures (AM) has released this aircraft in a number of pre-P-51D variants before the ‘old’ company crashed and burned. When the ‘new’ AM came online, it re-released these kits and produced new variations with the associated parts and decals.  For those of you who’ve built AM kits before, you know that these kits raised the bar in the plastic model industry for detail and quality straight out of the box. Even the packaging was a step or two above the rest of the industry.

The Mustang kit is molded in medium gray styrene and the parts are molded with sharply scribed panel and rivet detailing and no molding flash. Dry-fitting the parts together reveal that the fit is as tight as the first production runs and that no filler would be needed. This kit, as with the Mustangs that preceded it, will almost fall together on its own.

Kit Features:

  • Allison engine
  • Recessed Panel Lines
  • Over 60 Parts
  • Recon Camera
  • Optional Tires (Weighted and Unweighted)
  • Optional Canopy (Standard or Malcom Hood)
  • Protected Clear Parts
  • Detailed Instruction Sheet
  • Detailed Painting Instructions

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in


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