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The MBF-02 Strike Rouge is a mobile suit appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Its primary pilot is the Princess of Orb Cagalli Yula Athha. The word Rouge is the French word for the color red.

Technology & Combat Characteristics
A mobile suit built using spare parts for the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam that were produced while it was repaired at Orb. Strike Rouge is almost an identical copy of the original Strike Gundam and features the same weaponry as well as the ability to use the Striker Packs. The most commonly used Striker Pack is the Aile Striker, other Striker Packs used by the suit include the Integrated Weapons Striker Pack (IWSP) and the Ootori Pack. The main differences between Strike Rouge and Strike is that the former is equipped with an AI support system and a power extender that increase the operational time, and is responsible for the red-shifting of the phase-shifted colors.

The FX-550 Skygrasper is an atmospheric support fighter in the Cosmic Era timeline, seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series. It was originally designed to support the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam by being compatible with Striker Packs for aided combat and/or a mid-battle armament delivery system.

Technology & Combat Characteristics
Designed as a support craft, the main role of the Skygrasper was to deliver Striker Packs to the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam in battle, removing the need to return to the hanger for re-equipping. In addition, since the Skygrasper is compatible with the Striker Packs itself, it can utilize many of the Packs’ weapons and equipment during combat, such as the Aile Striker’s thrusters for additional speed and agility, the Sword Striker’s anti-ship sword and rocket anchor for close range attacks, and the Launcher Striker’s beam cannon for enhanced long-range firepower. On its own, the Skygrasper is armed with a turret-mounted beam cannon, two medium caliber cannons, four machine guns, and can launch anti-ship missiles from the two weapons bay, making it a very capable air superiority fighter in its own right. Like its predecessor, the Skygrasper is also capable of VTOL.

Product description
This special combo features the Strike Gundam in Cagali’s colors known as the “Strike Rouge” along with the PG Skygrasper. The Strike Gundam from Gundam Seed makes its debut into the PG line featuring brand new styling with extreme articulation and unprecedented mechanical detail. Shoulder units can extend outward for expanded range of movement. Elbows feature multi-joint construction, allowing complex poses such as drawing the sword. Stomach unit features full articulation, including “hydraulic” cylinders. Knee armor designed to move along with poses. Calf frame extends and retracts. Battery-powered light-emitting diode (LED) system can be switched on to illuminate the eyes. A new original gimmick includes the “Grand Slam” sword which features chromed plastic for a realistic finish. Additional accessories include a beam rifle with accurate internal detail, a shield with actual direct-view shutter feature, and 2 foldable armor Schneider knives that can be stored in the skirt armor. CR1220 battery for LED sold separately. A Perfect Grade model of the Skygrasper support aircraft from “Gundam Seed” features the Aile Striker pack that is compatible with the PG Strike Gundam. Includes transparent canopy and swappable landing gear as well as movable hatches. Display stand included is compatible with PG Strike Gundam combined with Aile Pack. Aile Pack features numerous mechanical inner detail designed to resemble the intricate propulsion systems used in the shows. Beam saber blades for PG Strike Gundam are included with this model kit.

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