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The MS-14S (YMS-14) Gelgoog Commander Type is a commander mobile suit that entered production as the MS-14A Gelgoog.

Technology & Combat Characteristics
Featuring a high-powered generator, various thrusters to aid mobility, a large pointed oval-shaped shield, a Beam Rifle, and a Beam Naginata, the MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type rivals the capabilities of the Earth Federation’s RX-78-2 Gundam. In fact, compared to the Gundam, the Gelgoog Commander Type is slightly faster, more mobile and possesses a more powerful generator and beam weapon selection; this was proven by Char during his first sortie in his personal unit against Amuro Ray’s Gundam during the One Year War. On the other hand, it has thinner and less durable armor than the Gundam (which is built with Luna Titanium Alloy), and the lack of built-in weapons makes the Gelgoog easier to disarm (which Amuro literally did) and leave weaponless.

This Gelgoog kit remains unchanged from the original except that it’s cast in Char’s signature salmon shade of pink. It comes with the Gelgoog beam rifle and double-bladed beam sword, and will certainly look mean next to all your other Char kits! The model is pre-colored and snap-together, so no paint or glue is required to complete it.

High Grade 1/144 Scale (~125mm, 5~6 inches)
Moderate amount of small pieces; can be completed in an hour
Posable and flexible for display
Gunpla’s standard on a 1/144 scale

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