HMS Ark Royal and Tribal Class Destroyer 1/720 Scale – Revell Germany 5149


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Hunter of the Bismarck

Ark Royal was one of the first aircraft carriers to be built with flight deck and hangar bays incorporated in the hull structure of the ship. She was the lynchpin of several crucial actions in the early days of WWII, plus she was a spectacularly lucky ship. Obsolete Swordfish torpedo bombers from Ark Royal enabled the Royal Navy to sink the German Battleship Bismarck. In 1941, Ark Royal was struck by a torpedo off Gibraltar and sank. Fortunately, all but one of her over 1,000 crewmen made it to safety. Kit features Ark Royal and a Tribal Class Destroyer with stands.

Tribal class were ordered and built as Sloops to carry out similar duties to the immediate post war Improved Black Swan Sloops and Loch class frigates in the Gulf. Kit’s have 3 piece full hull, detailed deck and superstructures, weapons suite, ships crane, ships boats, life rafts, display stands, Ark Royal includes (8) Swordfish. Decals and markings for 1939 until mid of 1941 HMS Eskimo F75 Narvik – includes flags and ensigns.

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