Zvezda 1:35 Scale Russian Personnel Armored Carrier BTR-80A – 3560


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The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier began to serve in the Soviet Army during the 1980?s. The BTR-80 has many significant improvements over the BTR-70 series APC. Similar in size to the BTR-70, the BTR-80 is powered by a single 260 hp V-8 diesel engine allowing greater road speed. The roof hatches of the BTR-80 are configured differently than on the BTR-70.

The roof of the troop compartment is elevated to allow better head room. The exit hatch between the second and third axles is designed so that the upper part opens to the front and the lower part folds down to form a step, this way the infantry can dismount more easily. The hull side gun ports are positioned to facilitate better forward firing.

The BTR-80A is the latest development. The vehicle has an improved turret allowing the 30mm main gun to be elevated up to 70 degrees, thus making enemy helicopter engagement easier. The effective firing range has increased to 4000 meters. The BTR-80A has an improved infrared night fighting system allowing accurate engagements up to 900 meters.

The kit features 5 trees of parts molded in dark green plastic. The parts are very crisply molded and show very nice detail. Flash is at a minimum. A few parts show slight sink holes but these are easily filled. Closer inspection shows a striking similarity to the Dragon BTR-80 kits. The tires are molded in a very hard black plastic and have decent detail. Also included are decals for 3 vehicles. The instruction sheet is very well done and shows Model Master paint reference numbers.

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