Rapido ALCO/MLW FA-2 & FPA-2 Diesel Locomotives (Various Options) – 21000-21550


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Available Paint Schemes:
Baltimore & Ohio Great Northern
Canadian national (Delivery) Lehigh Valley
Canadian national (New herald) New York Central
Canadian Pacific (Block) Pennsylvania
Canadian Pacific (Script) Undecorated


When it comes to FA-2 locomotives, one size definitely does not fit all.  There were substantial variations from railroad to railroad and Rapido covered all of the major ones. Rapido’s model will include:

  • Correct water/fuel tank combination for the FPA-2
  • Dynamic Brakes
  • Vertical battery box louvers
  • Prototype-specific details
  • Underbody piping and conduit
  • Nose louvers for B&O
  • Trainphone Antenna for PRR

In all, Rapido actually tooled four different fuel and fuel/water tanks: two FA-2 fuel tanks (one for CP and one for everyone else) and two FPA-2 fuel/water tanks (one for CP/CN and one for everyone else).

The B&O FA-2 and FPA-2 both feature the distinctive nose louvers that were added in the early 1950s. Other spotting features include the Wabco E2 horns, dual-Pyle headlight (other roadnames also feature a single headlight if applicable). The production model will have an etched-metal nose herald and the proper “dotted” typeface in the number boards.

Most importantly, Rapido is the ONLY FA model ever produced that was scaled from a 3D scan of the prototype, FPA-4 #6765 in Exporail. The nose on their model is the only one guaranteed to be the correct shape, as it’s the only one designed from a 3D scan! It is quite different from the nose used on older models.

Rapido HO Scale Alco/MLW FA-2/FPA-2 features:

  • HO Scale DC or DC/DCC/SOUND
  • 5-pole, skew-wound motor with excellent slow-speed performance
  • Operating number boards, headlights and two-color class lights
  • Roadname-specific details
  • Dynamic brakes
  • Etched-metal grilles (Farr or chicken wire, as appropriate)
  • Full underbody piping and conduit
  • Correct, roadnames-specific FA-2 and FPA-2 fuel tanks
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis
  • Full cab interior
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a real Alco 244 prime mover
  • Factory-installed MacDonald-Cartier couplers mounted at the correct height

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in

B&O, CP, GN, LV, NYC, CN, Erie, PRR, Undec



DC/DCC Ready or DC/DCC/Sound

DC/DCC Ready, DC/DCC/Sound

Road No

None, 4033, 811, 4011, 4013, 4045, 4050, 4082, 4094, 277A, 277B, 278A, 582, 586, 1046, 1068, 825, 4006, 9438, 4087, 4042, 7394, 590, 594, 1121, 9610, 9614, 9618, 1053


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