Star Wars Millennium Falcon Snap-Tite Max 1:72 Scale – Revell 85-1822


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This kit is meant for the beginner modeler.  It is not as detailed as the higher priced advanced and expert models but it is still a nice model for the Star Wars fans.

Ages 8+
Skill Level 2
1+ Hours to assemble
85 Pieces

1/72 Scale Star Wars Millennium Falcon(TM) – Pre-decorated Snap-Tite® Max model kit by Revell from Star Wars The Force Awakens movie.
At first glance this Millennium Falcon model kit looks like the previous iterations from Revell. But there are a few differences besides the rectangular radar dish featured in the Force Awakens.

  • No paint, glue or tools required
  • Landing gear
  • Pre-painted graphics
  • Cockpit details
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Length: 14.7″ (373.38mm)
  • Width: 10.75″ (273.05mm)
  • Height: 3.875″ (98.42mm)
  • Skill level: 2
  • Parts: 85
  • Kit# 85-1822
  • MSRP: $64.95 (US)

This is the most recent iteration of the kit since about 2006 when it debuted in Clone Wars packaging. It was also available as Revell 06658 Easy Kit. The last Millennium Falcon available which was a Snap-Tite MAX version was the kit # 85-1854.  Besides the obvious round antennae dish lost during the attack of the second Death Star, a few changes have been made. First and foremost the rectangular dish. The production design could have easily gone with another round dish replacement, but after 30 years within the story the new shaped dish easily sets apart the Falcon from the new trilogy. Although the new kit sports the new dish, the old round dish is still included. The paint in which this ”new” Falcon is offered has a few shades of gray color on some of the panels not seen on the previous model.

The lower hull of the ship has been changed from the 85-1854 version. This time our beloved piece of junk has real landing gear wells. The previous version had a very superficial mount and a simple panel for gear up mode. There’s a slight but notable change inside the cabin. The cockpit part has been painted in a dark gray omitting the brown pilot and copilot seats plus the aluminum trimming painted on the 1854 is also gone on this one. The front seats no longer have the mounting hole points for the crew. That is because Revell sadly ditched Hans and Chewie and no figures are included to populate the cockpit. The boarding ramp is also different on this version.

The sidewalls are still the same tooling. Not too thin but not as tall as the old MPC kit either. The maintenance wells on top and bottom this time have been painted in black with some white dry brushing done to them. The landing gear features different baffles and pads. The rear engine grills are painted as if the Falcon ran on coal.

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